Assorted Christmas Silicone Mold

Assorted Christmas Silicone Mold

Miniature Sweets


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Christmas silicone mold assortment. No releasing agent is needed, finished work can be easily pop out from the mold. Excellent for UV resin, epoxy resin jewelry making, etc.


- Reindeer: approx. 4.5cm (W) x 5.4cm (L) / 1.77" (W) x 2.13" (L)

- Christmas tree (top middle): approx. 5.2cm (W) x 5.2cm (L) / 2.05" (W) x 2.05" (L)

- Snowflake: approx. 5.8cm or 2.28" (Diameter)

- Christmas tree (bottom left): approx. 5.2cm (W) x 5.2cm (L) / 2.05" (W) x 2.05" (L)

- Heart: approx. 5.2cm (W) x 5.2cm (L) / 2.05" (W) x 2.05" (L)

- Bell: approx. 5.5cm (W) x 5.4cm (L) / 2.17" (W) x 2.13" (L)

★Can be washed with hot, soapy water. But do not wash mold with abrasive pads or cleaning agents.