Glitter Vinyl Etched

Glitter Vinyl Etched

Tape Technologies


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StyleTech Ultra Metallic (Glitter)

Ideal Choice for Indoor Graphics!

• Vinyl
• Made in USA
• self-adhesive glitter vinyl with the highest rated durability on the market
• Ideal for car windows, glass, glassware, and tumblers - dishwasher safe! styletech's 3Mil glitter vinyl adhesive is a unique product in the vinyl market. Glitter shows on both size of the vinyl
• Excellent cutting and weeding due to the balance of a specially formulated acrylic adhesive and a tighter formulated release liner
• Calendar 3Mil thickness, permanent, waterproof, uv resistant and made in the USA
• Compatible with vinyl cutters including Cricut, silhouette cameo, and all hobby craft cutters

Available in Size:

12" X 12" Sheet

12" X 24" Sheet

12" X 36" Yard