Siser Easy® Puff Metallic HTV

Siser Easy® Puff Metallic HTV

Siser Easy Puff 12" Metallic 

Elevate your puffy designs to new heights with Easy Puff 12" Metallic! Experience the familiar and beloved puffy effect found in our standard Easy Puff line, now enhanced with a sleek, shiny finish. Easy Puff Metallic introduces a striking style that is ideal for lettering and other large designs
that can highlight the elevated effect. With a pressure-sensitive carrier, low application temperature, and eye-catching sheen, Easy Puff Metallic truly lives up to its name!

Important Application Notes:

Easy Puff Metallic differs from our standard Easy Puff line and REQUIRES a 2-press
application process. After the first press, the carrier must be peeled hot and the design
should be covered with a cover sheet, then pressed a second time to activate the puff effect.

  • Metallic Finish
  • Layering is not recommened
  • 180 Microns thick
  • Not recommened to apply this material with a home iron


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