651 Glossy Decal Vinyl Pastel Orange

651 Glossy Decal Vinyl Pastel Orange



651 Intermediate Calender

Industry Standard for High Performance Calendered Film!

Oracal 651 is an outstanding intermediate calendered film for medium-term outdoor applications. Special proprietary formulation ensures optimized stability and resistance to UV degradation. The unique face film is 2.5 mil thick which splits the difference between 2 mil cast vinyls and most 3 mil calendered films. It is thinner, more conformable, and will last longer with better resistance against shrinkage, cracking, or peeling than any other calendered vinyl.
Thanks to Oracal 651's dense face film, the vinyl clings more tightly to the release liner and it makes weeding job exceptionally easier and faster. Solvent-based adhesive of Oracal 651 are designed for more demanding and longer term application. You can apply Oracal 651 on most substrates dry without application fluid and lightly re-position it until it's just right. Then apply pressure to activate the adhesive and finish the installation. Oracal 651 also can be installed by wet application without worry of the adhesive losing bond to the substrate.
• Gloss Finish
• Permanent
• Solvent-Based Adhesive
• For Medium-Term Outdoor Application
• Easy and Fast Weeding
• Good for Vehicle Graphics
• Excellent Processing Properties for Cutting Plotters
• Release paper: Silicone coated paper on one side, which provides excellent weed-stripping properties. 84# Blue liner for white film
• Thickness: 3 mil
• Outdoor Durability: 6 Years (Black, White, Transparent, Colors), 4 Years (Metallic), 3 Years (Brilliant Blue)
• Thermal Print Compatible