Siser EasyPSV Holographic Rainforest Pearl

Siser EasyPSV Holographic Rainforest Pearl

Taylored Vinyl


EasyPSV™ Holographic Pearl Self Adhesive Vinyl

The popular holographic pearl colors now available in EasyPSV!

Boasting the same pearlescent finishes as the HTV Holographic Pearl line, EasyPSV™ Holographic Pearl offers a stunning, reflective look for hard goods. These colors contain the same eye-catching finishes as their HTV conterparts. Just like the HTV versions, the appearance of these colors change depending on the ambient light and the angle from which they are viewed.

Like all other EasyPSV products, Holographic Pearl is cut normally (not mirrored) and can be used with the EasyPSV Transfer Tape.

EasyPSV Holographic Pearl contains a removable adhesive and is not recommended for temporary applications.

* Note regarding Backing - Unlike other EasyPSV products, EasyPSV Holographic Pearl colors do not contain a paper backing. Instead, they use a clear backing similar to HTV.