Orafol Oramask 813

Orafol Oramask 813



oracal  813 Paint Mask Stencil Film 

Transparent Film Designed for Pre-Masking Cut Lettering and Printed Graphics!

  • The rigid transparent BLUE PVC film
  • ORAMASK 813 is Formulated for stencil application, especially spray and paint techniques.
  • Can be used to mask surfaces to be painted and for die cut/hand cut spray mask stencils.
  • Excellent for car striping and aircraft marking
  • Low Tack, Removable, Water-Based adhesive
  • Ideal for Water-based paint applications on smooth, flat, or rigid substrates and surfaces, large area capabilities, and applications requiring background visibility.
  • Release Paper - Silicon-coated paper, 84#
  • Thickness: 3 mil