All Printed Pattern Vinyl

Unlike regular HTV, our printed HTV doesn't have a carrier sheet already applied to the front.  To Use our Printed HTV you will need to apply high temperature transfer tape to remove the weekend design from the back liner and transfer to the garment.

  • Start by placing the printed HTV face up on mat.
  • Alway do a small test cut in the corner to make sure your settings are correct. image.
  • You should only cut through the HTV, not the liner on the back of the vinyl.
  • After making sure your cut settings are correct, cut your image.
  • Weed out all excess vinyl that is not part or your design.
  • Peel white backing off the transfer tape.
  • Apply the heat transfer tape to the face of your design, either from the middle out or from one end to the other to minimize air bubbles.
  • Use a squeegee with hard pressure to remove any remaining airFlip over and remove the back liner.
  • Apply the design to garment bubbles.
  • You cannot layer vinyl over Printed HTV.
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